Juan Estay, professional pianist

"Practice is the way to turn your skill into a profession, to become a pianist, attitude and discipline helps to keep your playing tight, your fingers loose and your mind focused".

Performance & Work

After four years, he entered the race and then Instrumentalist Degree Music with a major in Piano at the University of La Serena, under the leadership of Pedagogy and the Soloist Ariadna Colli Hurtado, who is currently developing technical and interpretive skills required for a Classic Pianist.

In 2004, 2005 and 2006 traveling as an active participant in the "Meetings International Young Pianists "in the City of San Juan Argentina, under the agreement between the National University of San Juan and the University of La Serena.

Piano Experience

He has participated in master classes with Carlo Levi Minzi (Italy), Sergei Polusmiak (Russia), Miguel Angel Schebba (Argentina), Luiz de Moura(Brazil), Dimitri Paperno (Russia), Gottlieb Wallisch (Austria), Angelin Chang (United UU.), Gülsin Onay (Turkey).

In the past two years, has played a major role in the musical extension of the University of La Serena in single and shared recitals, as well as around Chile, emerging as a talent of large projections. Having graduated from Bachelor of Music in 2008, the year 2009 is in her final year of Minor in Classical Piano.

Latest years and forward

His academic activity is shared with the teaching at the "Universidad Catolica del Norte" and "Casa Chopin".
In 2009 was an active participant at the University of Kentucky (United States of America) taking lectures.

About the Piano

For quite some time, science studying how music affects the brain and harmony development, which results in greater neuronal interconnections, as opposed to those who do not study any musical instrument or are indifferent to music. Gottfried Schlaug of Dr. Israel Medical Center in Boston reported that the cerebellum is larger than normal in male students of classical music than men who do not study music.

The piano is one of the instruments whose harmonies produce more pleasant to the human ear, which helps relaxation, being according to psychologists, excellent for healing and therapy.

The piano is one of the nicest instruments to play, then immediately sounds good, compared to other instruments, so says their original name "Pianoforte: soft and strong", but we encourage you to review our directory where you can find piano lessons that will benefit both your children and yourself, an investment that always pay off in the future, health and skill, as well as emotional stability.

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